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Option #1 - Full Throttle Fat Loss + 30 Days
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Full Throttle Fat Loss VIP Platinum
(no additional cost - Still Just $97 -
Cancel anytime)

With Option 1, you will receive 30 Days to Evaluate and "Think Over" A heavily discounted membership to the Full Throttle Fat Loss VIP Platinum program in which I'll design TWO brand new workouts for you each week for as long as you're a member (actual cost per workout is less than $12.13) - this is in addition to the Lifetime Access you already receive to the 32 Neuro Fat Loss Workouts and the Beginner Basics Guide, At-Home Modifications Guide, Fat Loss Cheat Sheet, and all the other bonuses included with your Full Throttle Fat Loss purchase. Plus, just for taking this trial, you'll keep everything you see below, with exception to the monthly workouts, even if you cancel. Consider this a gift. You'll get all this for just $97/month after 30 days; cancel anytime.

Option #2- Just Full Throttle Fat Loss - Life
Time Membership Only
(No VIP Platinum Trial)

With Option 2, you receive Lifetime Access to the Entire Full Throttle Fat Loss System, but you decline the 30 Day Free Trial of the VIP Platinum Program and all of the lifetime bonuses that come with it.

By choosing Option #2, you are saying "Yes, I want the Full Throttle Fat Loss System, but I do not wish to try the VIP Platinum Package at this time. I understand that should I wish to upgrade to this membership level at a later time, it will not be at the discounted monthly cost and I won't have the opportunity to evaluate it for a full 30 days for free, but I'm cool with that."

Membership to the Full
Throttle VIP Platinum Package


Exclusive Launch Bonus Options (this may never exist again):

24 Weeks of Fat Loss Accelerating Workouts (included upfront) + 8 new workouts/month

By taking the trial as a Full Throttle Fat Loss VIP Platinum member, I'm going to give you 16 more fat loss workouts instantly. Plus, I'll continue to build you an additional 2 workouts/week for as long as you keep your VIP status (each workout is done once or twice, for a total of 2-4 workouts/week.) And we're not talking random workout here - these are specific workouts that are strategically developed to build on the workouts you did previously and to set you up for optimal success week after week after week.

Amazing variety. Long-term coaching. Brand new workouts each week. Incredible results.

That's what the Full Throttle VIP Platinum membership is all about.

Enormous 1000 exercise video database

The entire database is arranged by goal and/or body part so you get to visually see exactly how to perform each exercise correctly, with guided, specific instruction. And with over 1000 exercises to choose from, I guarantee you'll never be bored again!

13 Fat Loss Webinars - How To Build Any Kind Of Workout You Want

Workout independence comes from truly understanding what you're doing and why. In these 13 fat loss webinars, I teach you how to build any kind of workout you want. I explain to you exactly what I think about, why, and how I go about building workouts for optimal success related to any workout goal.

These 13 Fat Loss Webinars are the key to your long-term fitness independence.

Goal Setting For Real Results (audio)

Realize Your Goals Faster Than You Ever Dreamed!

Setting and attaining goals takes a specific process for maximal success. Over the years, I've studied some of the best goal achievement coaches in the world to develop a goal achievement program that makes huge accomplishments seem easy. I want to share it with you.

World-class Nutrition Advice (interviews)

End dieting. Eat food you like and lose weight. Instead of trying to re-teach you all of the best nutrition information I've gathered over the years, I've organized a team of world experts and interviewed them for you. Learn from my resources in this section.

Mindset Training (audio)

Develop the will-power to conquer your body. In the mindset training audios, you are going to be given my top secret for realizing any goal you set. Once you're inspired, there's no stopping you!

Injury Prevention Videos

Learn what the most common injuries are, how to avoid them, and how to build rehabilitative exercises into your workouts so you don't lose a second of your precious fat loss time.

Joints Included:

Private 120 Minute VIP Coaching Access after 8 Weeks In Full Throttle Fat Loss:

At the halfway point of Full Throttle Fat Loss, it'll be time to check in again. By taking the VIP Platinum trial, you'll automatically have this included. Other members will have an opportunity to join us for $97, but you'll get access for FREE.

If, however, you'd like to cancel you VIP membership, simply contact us at support:

at any time during the first 30 days and you will never be billed again. You will still have access to the initial 8 Full Throttle Platinum workouts and the full education center for life, even if you cancel! You are never locked in and you may cancel your VIP membership at any time to avoid future billing.

By choosing Option #1, you are saying "Yes, I want to pay the same amount today - just $97 - and also get 30 Days to Evaluate and 'Think Over' the heavily discounted VIP Platinum Membership, where all the cool kids hang out, at no additional cost." (just $97/month after 30 days; cancel anytime and keep the bonuses.)

I understand that if I am unsatisfied in any way, I can cancel my VIP Membership ANYTIME during the 30 Day trial and never be billed again-ever."

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